Home Server Build

Posted on Mon 01 January 2018 in Computers • Tagged with Computers, Servers, Home Lab

This post started as me wanting to take notes about a home server build of mine. Hopefully others find it useful - if you think I could add something, or find any errors in what I share here, please let me know with a comment!

This server build is almost entirely …

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Portable HamWAN Station

Posted on Sun 19 November 2017 in Amateur Radio • Tagged with Amateur Radio, Ham Radio, HamWAN, Puget Sound Data Ring, MikroTik, RouterOS

This post details the building and configuration of a portable, rapidly deployable HamWAN client station.

My interest in HamWAN and in particular that of building a small portable station was inspired from Kenny Richard's (KU7M) recent presentation at a Seattle ACS meeting about HamWAN.

HamWAN - Background Information

From the HamWAN …

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Testing things

Posted on Wed 25 October 2017 in Test

This is a test post! This is served from nginx on a FreeBSD host, which is acting as an origin server (with ECDSA TLS and requiring client certificate authentication) to CloudFlare's CDN.